Why I Love Working With A Variety Of People

Back in December, I produced a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video for a Grand Rapids boudoir photographer. I love doing these BTS videos because it’s always so interesting to see how people work and to show them in action! We live in a world where so much of what goes on around us is shown to us by way of social media. How much do we really know about the people behind the lens? We have the opportunity to educate ourselves by either watching videos or meeting people and seeing how they live. That’s the beauty of this world and one thing I appreciate so much! This is the foundation of why I LOVE what I do. It’s a way of expression, sure, but it’s also a form of education. If we keep our minds open towards others and the types of work, we are opening ourselves up to learning and, maybe, a new understanding about something. I approach my way of living this way and it’s how I approach my work. Why not try and learn and experience as much as you can while you’re on this earth?

The thing I enjoyed most about this shoot was all the different personalities of the people being photographed and how the photographer embraced every single one. The photographer’s message is about embracing every person’s body, every personality, and allowing them to freely express it. I love it when I see other content creation professionals embracing this. Many of us can be hard on ourselves. We all need to learn to embrace our weird (because let’s face it we all are a little weird). We need to express ourselves in the way that feels natural. That’s what’s beautiful about each of us is– we are all different and we can all learn from one another because of those differences.