Spring Wedding at Felt Estate: Alexa & Ryan

Welcome to our wedding blog post featuring a beautiful spring wedding held at the enchanting Felt Estate in Holland, Michigan. Join us as we dive into the romantic celebration of Alexa and Ryan, a couple whose love bloomed amidst the picturesque setting of this historic venue. The setting was a dreamy spring day, with the gentle overcast sky adding a touch of magic to the occasion. Despite the weather, the florals curated by Cass & Jean Floral Co. transformed the venue into a secret garden, radiating beauty and elegance throughout the estate. Alexa and Ryan’s commitment to each other was evident in their heartfelt and intentional vows, capturing the essence of their love story. Filming their wedding was a joyous experience, as the couple’s genuine connection and the organic moments shared with their family and friends created a tapestry of love and joy. The Felt Estate, a venue close to our hearts, provided the perfect backdrop for this special day. With its stunning chapel offering an outdoor ceremony space and a picturesque outdoor area for cocktail hour and reception, the estate exuded charm and sophistication. The manor itself, with its timeless and classic vibe, added a unique touch to the getting ready moments captured on this memorable day. As we look back on Alexa and Ryan’s spring wedding at the Felt Estate, we are reminded of the beauty of love and the joy found in celebrating moments of togetherness. May their journey ahead be filled with happiness, laughter, and endless love. Stay tuned for more wedding inspiration and love stories on our blog!